Government pressed on overseas state pension payments.

September 6, 2022 Frozen British Pensions 1 Comment

Today, Peter Dowd, Labour MP for Bootle, pressed the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office on the injustice of the UK Government’s frozen pensions policy and the recent suspension of the UK state pension which affected British pensioners in Canada.

The DWP’s International Pensions Centre regularly sends out requests for state pensioners overseas to submit ‘proof of life’ forms, often every two years. An administrative error by the Department for Work and Pensions meant these forms failed to be delivered to many UK pensioners living in Canada. Subsequently, in June, pensioners were notified of the sudden suspension of their UK state pension payments as they had not completed the undelivered form. When questioned on the matter, the DWP stated the forms were not delivered due to delays by the Canadian Postal Service, despite the pensioners receiving a later letter informing them of payment suspension. Affected pensioners are already recipients of frozen pensions and this error has caused increased financial hardship for many, with some pensioners being forced to go into arrears to pay their bills.

Read the full transcript of his intervention here: [Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Oral Questions – Tuesday 6 September 2022 – Hansard – UK Parliament]

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  1. Bob Williamson
    September 15, 2022 - 4:02 pm

    Expat frozen pensions

    This is just a scam isnt it. When Ukraine is being subsidised to the tune of several hundreds of millions of pounds and illegal immigrants are costing the UK fortunes would it not be to much to ask the APPG to get off thier bottoms and fight this case for fully paid up pensioners.

    Bob Williamson
    Armed forces veteran and ex NHS employee
    44 years NI contribitions

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